Empower Her Ministries

Empower Her Ministries, LLC. was founded June 2021 by Breonna Gildon.

Empower Her Ministries vision is to provide faith-based resources

to help women grow stronger in faith and Christian transparency.

Empower Her Blog

Empower Her Blog is the heart of Empower Her Ministries.

Since the early start of 2019, Empower Her Blog has reached over 40 countries for one purpose: To Share Christian Transparency To Empower! 

Empower Her Blog has also been featured in VoyageDallas.

In 2020, God expanded the vision of Empower Her Blog beyond BG when other men and women began to inquire to share their faith journeys in transparency to empower. You can find a new blog post on Empower Her Blog every Wednesday afternoon by visiting www.empowerher.blog or share your very own testimony by clicking here 

Empower Her Meet Up

Empower Her Meet Up is a two hour event for women a part of

Empower Her Tribe to meet up to worship, connect, and share transparency

 to be empowered!

Empower Her Meet Up is hosted by Breonna Gildon

and her close friend, Sarah Bailey.

Empower Her Virtual Bible Study

Empower Her Virtual Bible Study vision is for women

to grow strong through God's word to empower the world.

Every Monday, BG leads the women's bible study with weekly faith-based devotionals via YouVersion's The Bible App. 

On Thursday evenings, Empower Her Tribe meet to recap with the week's devotional, build a stronger sisterhood, and pray together.

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